Stuck between Property vs. Package Management?

Establish a Package-Friendly Property with Smartbox

We understand package security issues are a nightmare for property managers, i.e why; we have created the perfect solution for you to automate incoming and outgoing packages at scale.
Smartbox solves...

  • Porch Theft
    Porch Theft

    Tamper Proof Compartments for both indoor and outdoor security.

  • Sorting and Stacking
    Sorting and Stacking

    No need to sort manually. Save staff time and reduce package handling errors.

  • Festive Season Load
    Festive Season Load

    Extra packages? Just add another Smartbox Unit and manage 2X to 5X packages.

  • Staff Dependency
    Staff Dependency

    Use your staff for maintenance, collection, inspections etc. Leave the packages to us.

  • Physical Verification
    Physical Verification

    Provide verified access to residents with OTP and app-based verification in 10 seconds.

  • Storage Necessities
    Storage Necessities

    Get In-Locker Temperature & Photosensitive Protection. No extra storage costs.

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Our Apartment Lockers Enhance Your
Resident App’s Usability

Ready API Integrations for leading Property Management Apps like Buildium, P2PM, Promas, Yardi, Rentec, and more.

Achieve up to 100% usability with Smartbox

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Increase Rent Renewals – Build
a Smartbox Enabled Property

Hundreds of global residential properties trust Smartbox for its Total Package Management Solutions and Capabilities.

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Add Value to Resident Experience

Provide secure and convenient package pick-up and return from resident premises with no outside intrusion.

Let residents pick up and deliver whenever they have time

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Boost Your Property’s Rating

Residents will thank you for installing Smartbox on your property. Brace for incoming 5-star reviews!

Allow hassle-free secure deliveries 24x7

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Everyone likes a Faster Package Delivery and Pickup

Learn more about Smartbox residential lockers’ specifications, pricing, and customizable features.
Connect with our experts today!

Faster Package Delivery

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