Smart. Sturdy. Simple

Locker Hardware inspired by Latest Technology and User Experiences

  • Perfect Ground Clearance

    Move and adjust locker
    combinations easily

  • 16 Inch Access Screen (LED)

    Equipped with 10+ Access

  • Pinhole Camera & Barcode Scanner

    Close Circuit Surveillance & Easy Returns

  • Protective Weather Roof

    For all-weather outdoor locker service

Every Locker Experience Matters!

Smartbox Locker Hardware boasts internal features perfected after years of R&D, to make Last-mile Delivery more about Human Experiences
than just Packages.

Highly Durable

Competitive Shelf-Life and Runtime Performance

Quick Assembly

Designed for low labour and installation needs

Aesthetic Design

Minimalist design with quality material finish

Ergonomically Efficient

Saves space & fits all special accessibility needs

Low Maintenance

No moving parts with lowest runtime costs

Modular and Flexible

Add and Remove Compartments at Convenience

Build-Your-Own Smart Locker

Customize or Order a Standard Automated Locker Unit. Pick from a wide range of options for Compartment Sizes, Accessories, Portability, Finishing Styles, and more.

Model 1

Locker Models

Choose the right combo of units for your needs

Model 1

Main Unit

Color/Branding Options

Are You Passionate
About Smart Lockers?

Change the way the world receives packages. Create value and spread
smiles with each successful installation.

Partner with us

We are Location Smart Too!

Forget prime locations and hassles of landscaping. Install our indoor and outdoor Lockers at your convenience.

Indoor Unit
  • Modular Units for maximum space utilization.
  • Minimum fixtures for narrow spaces.
  • Standalone Units – No Wall-Support Required!
  • 24x7 video surveillance & tamper proof locks.
  • Cellular 4G connectivity options available.
  • Plug n play solution with minimum installation.
Outdoor Unit
  • Minimum Wiring and Exo-Terminal Parts.
  • Dust-Rust-Water Proof Accessories.
  • Tamper-Proof Compartments.
  • 24x7 video surveillance & Tamper proof locks.
  • IP 65 Dust and Water protection.
  • Cellular 4G connectivity options available.
Outdoor Indoor
  • Vinyl-1image 0
  • Vinyl-2image 3
  • Vinyl-3image 2
  • Or
  • image 5

Personalize The Look & Feel Of
Your Locker

Beige, Taupe, Office Logo or a College Team Cheer Slogan;
brand your Smart Locker your way!

Club your outdoor promotions with the fascinating utility of click & collect lockers.

Vinyl Branding Options

Want to Know More About Our Hardware Solutions?

Get in touch with our locker automation experts and see how your business can derive massive value from Smart Lockers, the SMART way!

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Site Map    |    Privacy Policy