Keep your Assets from becoming a Liability

Store, Relocate, Track Your Critical Gear and inventory with confidence – at on-site or off-site locations

Field equipment and IT assets rely on enterprise solutions for storage, movement, and tracking. Smartbox Asset Lockers break down the silos and process barriers in typical asset management for both indoor and outdoor applications. We help with...

Contactless Pickup & Drop

30 Second Pickup and Drops with OTP/RFID/Card based access to ensure COVID-19 safety


Low Asset Visibility

Minimize Asset Loss & Mishandling with real time with ‘Last Out - First In’ Custody Tracking


Limited Access

Switch from ‘Single Use Only’ Storage to ‘Shared Access’ Lockers for employees & agents


High Operational Costs

Maintain IT and Asset storage network without additional staff or 3P asset handling services

Store More. Securely. Flawlessly. With Smartbox Asset Lockers

Fulfilling Modern Asset Management Needs for all Businesses

Install. Integrate and Initiate. Smartbox Lockers are ready-to-use asset managers for equipment, tools, kits, parts, and raw inventories. Smartbox supports both commercial and non-commercial applications like Smart Laptop Locker, Uniform Locker, Inventory Locker, Industrial Shop Floor Locker and more.

  • IT Asset Management
    Expedite issue, returns and
    repairs of Laptops, Handheld
    devices, & IT accessories at scale.
  • HSE & Protective Gear
    Secure critical gear (helmets,
    masks, gloves, etc.) for quick
    response in HSE incidents.
  • Local Distribution Center
    Optimize distribution center
    operations with quick pick-and-drop
    of tools and devices.
  • Industrial Tools & Inventory
    Safely store high-value
    industrial tools for trackable
    access and 24x7 availability.

Smartbox fits right into your
Business Workflows

Our Asset Lockers readily synchronize with HR and Building Management Systems

Drive productivity by maximizing usability of Asset Lockers with
multiple Rest-based API Integrations offered by Smartbox Locker
Software Suite.

Maximize Asset Life with Smartbox Asset Care

Smartbox Stores, Protects, and Tracks assets to improve output & productivity

  • Tamper Proof Lockers

    Internally Hinged Compartments with push-locks to ensure Theft-Proof operations.

  • Remote Monitoring

    Cloud based live status dashboard to monitor usage, availability and handling.

  • Live Diagnostics

    IoT based locker health monitoring to minimize electrical and mechanical stops.

  • Surface Protection

    Dust, Rust and Water-Proof units to ensure absolute surface care for sensitive tools.

  • Information Security

    Centralized user data storage with class-leading 2048-bit secure encryption.

  • Modular Design

    Customizable design with low assembly needs to easily add or remove units anytime.

Explore Asset Management Automation with Us.

Connect with our asset management experts for technical specifications, APIs, accessories, and more
information about Smartbox Asset Lockers.

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