Transform Shipping Silos into Hyperlocal Hubs

Make it easier to hold, exchange and track ‘Large Scale Inventory’

Hyperlocal and Micro Fulfilment models continue to grow - and so does their cost. Smartbox helps you to maximize
penetration and minimize operational costs with its logistics lockers. We help you with… 

  • Fulfilment Delays
    Fulfilment Delays
    Start same day deliveries and returns with smart lockers for last mile fulfilment
  • High Holding Costs
    High Holding Costs
    Optimize cost to run fast and slow-moving inventories with design-to-order logistics lockers
  • Carrier Dependency
    Carrier Dependency
    Automate doorstep logistics with 100% first time through deliveries at no staff expansion
  • Limited Local Coverage
    Limited Local Coverage
    Cover more postal codes and local zones with standalone lockers as a warehouse solution

Attain Granular Control over Your Inventory and Omnichannel Distribution

End-to-End Logistics Automation Solutions for Static and In-Transit Packages

Transform conventional transport networks into dynamic delivery structures with personalized, low-cost, auditable smart locker-based logistics solutions. Smartbox’s Modular Storage Lockers are designed to suit the needs of diverse logistical setups such as.
Postal Networks

Postal Networks

Connect rural and urban postal networks with automated order fulfilment services via smart lockers

Distribution Centers

Distribution Centers

Never miss a package delivery and ensure 100% reception the very first time! Smartbox lockers for optimized e-commerce deliveries

Fulfilment Centers

Fulfilment Centers

Optimize your fleet availability and reduce your on-road time with 100% package acceptance in first attempt – only with Smartbox smart lockers

Return Warehouses

Return Warehouses

Don’t let chaotic inventory management bleed your resources. Securely store, track, and manage parcels in smart lockers with a 360-Degree top scene view

Reimagine Delivery Efficiency with Smartbox Logistics Lockers

Ready-to-Deploy Automated Lockers for First and Last Mile Package Journeys

  • Contactless Access
    Contactless Access

    Ensure safety from COVID-19 and other pathogens with low-touch access modes (OTP, RFID, Cards).

  • Tamper Proof Body
    Tamper Proof Body

    Internally hinged compartments with Indoor and Outdoor Camera for 360 Degree Security.

  • Temperature Controlled
    Temperature Controlled

    Wide range of wet, ambient, and cold logistics lockers to manage temperature sensitive cargo.

  • Certified Data Security
    Certified Data Security

    ISO 27001 certified data security and PCI DSS certified payments integration for end-users.

  • Carrier Agnostic
    Carrier Agnostic

    Flexible front and backend ‘Locker Management Suite’ to accommodate a wide range of carriers.

  • Modular Assembly
    Modular Assembly

    Low assembly need and customizable units to easily remove or add lockers based on demand.

Logistic Carrier Logistic Locker Round Animate Round Animate

Urbanize the ‘Mail’
with Logistics Lockers

Enhance customer experience with every package delivered - only with Smartbox

Eliminate queues Eliminate queues
and waiting hours
Manage Bulk Manage Bulk
Mail Delivery
Run 24X7 Postal Run 24X7 Postal
Ensure fulfilment Ensure fulfilment via
Postal Network

Transform Your Logistics Networks into a Phygital One

Be ready for any logistics challenge. Connect with our Logistics Automation Experts to learn more
about custom applications, locker specifications, locker software suite and more.

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