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Smartbox carries a vision to empower the world to go beyond parcel and packages & embrace Total Package Care and Management. We strive to offer hyper-connectedness within an efficient ecosystem of package storage, delivery, and pick-up. Our team of go-getters leave no stone unturned in making this vision a reality.

amit sawhney amit sawhney

Amit Sawhney

Co-Founder & CEO

vineet sawhney vineet sawhney

Vineet Sawhney

Co-Founder & President

Deepak bhasin deepak bhasin

Deepak Bhasin

Chief Technology Officer

vaibhav khanna vaibhav khanna

Vaibhav Khanna

Chief People Officer

Mayank Mital Mayank Mital

Mayank Mital

Executive V. P - Americas & EMEA

Rajat Chauhan Rajat Chauhan


Accounts & Finance

Hemanshu Kher Hemanshu Kher

Kartikeya Awasthi

Global Strategy & Marketing

Hemanshu Kher Hemanshu Kher


Maintenance & Logistics

Hemanshu Kher Hemanshu Kher


Operations, Customer Care & Support

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