India's First Network Of Automated Parcel Delivery Terminals

Smartbox software is developed as an extendable framework consisting of a number of modules – a terminal application to handle various workflows and a centrally managed locker management system to manage the system, with live locker tracking, reporting and operational control. Our smart locker software architecture offers a fully integrated IoT enabled system that synchronizes locker banks with an enterprise-level cloud server. With our comprehensive system we can incorporate and work with various industries looking for a secure and convenient storage and retrieval system. Smartbox’s automated smart lockers offers an innovative range of secure storage and enclosure systems to secure, streamline and audit the complete chain of custody of parcels and express deliveries.

Built For Business

Smartbox Software Suite is designed to seamlessly integrate with external third-party systems such as Building Management, HR systems, Security systems, Email systems, Mobile applications, Smartbox Locker Solutions can readily become a part of a corporation’s ecosystem.

IoT Cloud-Managed

Smartbox software is connected cloud managed solution that could be deployed quickly and reliably anywhere on the globe. IoT and cloud based solutions improves operations, increases productivity and efficiency, and delivers a true business value to customers

Big Data Insights

Smartbox software suite provides real-time monitoring and data aggregation at various levels of business integrations. Be it for one locker banks or to the individual Locker itself, everything is covered.

Customized Solution

Smartbox software suite offers end-to-end software platform that is customer centric and customized to meet business needs and requirements, functional work practices and integration needs.

Smartbox Software Feature

Built by experts, Smartbox software is feature-rich and follows scalable architecture that allows our solution to adapt to changing business dynamics and requirements across industries

Key features at a glance


Get It All, With Our
Mobile Application

The Smartbox mobile app empowers your delivery agents & recipients to automatically track and access deliveries in real time.

What Functionality Our API's Provide

Smartbox Security


Remote Monitering and Visualizations

Real Time Auditing

24/7 video Surveillance & Snap of Locker Event

ISO 27001 Certified

2084-bit SSL Protects All Wirelessly Transmitted Data

Cryptographic One-way Password Protection

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