Use Smartbox to avoid personal shopping getting delivered at office

Use Smartbox to avoid personal shopping getting delivered at office

The convenience of shopping from the comfort of homes and offices, availability of numerous brands at a single destination and attractive discounts make online shopping quite popular among the modern Indian shoppers. The problem, however, arises when it comes to delivery of the orders.

Delivery challenges faced by customers
Last mile delivery challenges have been a perennial issue with the customers and many of them, as a result, have started to avoid online shopping. Many online shoppers have no other option but to provide their office address to get parcels delivered. While it is absolutely fine to get the parcels delivered at office, there may be instances when customers may not be comfortable receiving certain orders at their workplaces. In addition, they may need to answer the questions of inquisitive colleagues, who may be too interested in finding out the details of the order.

Besides these, there may instances when the customers may not be present in the office at the mentioned time to collect the order. Most common situation usually is that the customer is engaged in an important meeting at the time of parcel delivery and can’t step out to collect the order. This leads to missed deliveries. Many shoppers, as a result, have started to avoid online shopping.

This points to a need for alternative locker delivery solutions and Smartbox automated parcel delivery solution provides a viable alternative by enabling shoppers to collect their parcels from terminals 24/7 as per their convenience

Smartbox- The alternative locker delivery option

Smartbox is India’s first network of automated parcel delivery terminals. The terminals are located at strategic locations for easy drop and collection. Currently, present at various locations in Delhi NCR region, this network will expand all over India by the end of 2016 to help consumers and e-commerce companies in 24/7 parcel pick-up and drop respectively. Smartbox brings the much needed security, privacy and flexibility for the delivery of online shopping. It allows customers to pick-up parcels 24/7 as per their convenience.

Smartbox parcel delivery system uses cutting-edge technology and smart physical infrastructure to store, notify and track orders. Customers receive an OTP when the parcel is delivered at the terminal which that can be used to pick-up the order at a convenient time. The robust cloud-based system easily integrates with the ecommerce portals. The introduction of Smartbox delivery terminals helps in reducing the last mile delivery challenges for ecommerce companies as well as online shoppers.


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