Unlock The Future of Multifamily housing with Smartbox Technology

Unlock The Future of Multifamily housing with Smartbox Technology

The way e-commerce is booming, package deliveries aren’t going to slow down. Twenty years ago, accepting a package on behalf of residents and handling over to the owner of the package is just a few minutes job. But now e- commerce has grown exponentially, where few minutes job of property managers turns into full time job as the package delivery room is the second most popular apartment amenity after fitness centres. Residents want their packages promptly with 24/7 retrieval facility and full security anyhow.
If you are a manager or an investor in multifamily housing, you know what problems they are causing. Instead of spending hours receiving and distributing the parcels. Management can focus on other resident services and can easily eliminate the time spent on handling packages and parcels.
To overcome these issues, Property Owners and Managers are turning to smart locker technology as an efficient solution to manage the growing influx of package deliveries. Our Automated parcel Locker System will handle all of that for you. Packages are deposited in a locker and you’re done! Notification, Security, Tracking, and Accountability are all handled for you.
These smart lockers perform like an assistant for your packages, and provide ease of use for delivery carrier drop-off and resident pick-up without staff oversight. This simplifies the internal delivery and administration process, reduces operational cost, free-up space and improves service level to residents by recording every moment of parcel drop-off and pick-up ensuring no misplaced parcels.

Increased Security
Smart parcel locker offers end-to-end chain of custody and complete automation and management of the delivery process. Packages are no longer stored in the hallway or lobby but in lockers which are protected by built-in security camera and package tracking system.

Tracking and Full Accountability
Smart parcel lockers provide complete tracking and accountability of every drop off and pick up of parcel

Reduced handling package
Packages are placed directly into Parcel locker by couriers or door staff and recipients are automatically notified by e-mail or text message to collect their packages. This reduces the workload of the property management— eliminating staff delivery and manual tracking records.

24*7 Accessibility
Besides being available round the clock, the user-friendly and secure interface is easy and fun for residents retrieving packages.

Dynamic Configuration
Property managers can easily add delivery carriers, review package activity, monitor locker availability and run system reports.

This is the best new amenity which you can offer to residents and get your team out of the accepting, sorting and delivering parcel management . If you are curious to learn more, Contact us today dial +91-8882-760-760 to speak with one of our representatives or send an email to info@smartbox.in. We would be glad to assist you.


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