Transform your in-store customer experience via providing 24/7 pickup window

Transform Your In-Store Experience

There are several components in the marketing mix but one factor that is the most crucial and remains constant is customer experience. Packaging, advertising, pricing, promotions, these factors shall always stay dynamic but over the evolution of the technological and traditional aspects of marketing, the primary focus still remains on customer satisfaction for higher sales and hence maximum profit.

By customer satisfaction, we do not just mean the fulfilment of the product needs of a customer but we must also pay special focus on the overall customer experience. The easy, comfortable and quick access to the products to the customer is the primary concern of any seller or retailer. This adds value to your brand and a healthy customer experience leads to the development of brand loyalty.

In the rapidly evolving facets of the society based on the changing buying and selling patterns, brands require the adaption of new and unique ideas that develop an explicit identification of your brand.

With the advancement in technology, courier services, cash on delivery and other delivery patterns have become faster and easier but one major issue that will always remain is the time constraint. No retailer can afford round the clock delivery of products. It is impossible. But Smartbox made it more effective and easier with technologically enhanced smart lockers that present a fully automated in-store pickup service along with a customer notification system. A simple solution that transforms in-store customer experience via providing 24/7 pickup window. Automated click and collect by Smartbox help you to enhance-

  1. Brand Loyalty- With a 24/7 safe and secure pickup window, customers can order their products and receive them from the locker installed at the retail store. It develops a sense of innovation and advancement for the brand and the customers do not have to shift their brand choice due to the issue of time management. They can pick up the order anytime from a secure system.
  2. Brand Presence- A technical advancement is no more an option, it is the necessity of the hour. And hence every retailer must adapt to the future and participate in this movement that will change the face of the brick and mortar shopping. Automated click and collect have been widely accepted by retail giants such as Walmart, Zara and many more and it is high time that other retailers adopt this unique and effective smart locker technique. It helps them to enable an Omnichannel experience and allows customers to engage with the brand wherever they are, be it in-store, using a mobile app or browsing a catalogue. Smartbox helps in the end-to-end fulfilment process that provides a seamless consumer experience and also help to increase the brand presence.
  3. Customer Development- Smartbox helps you develop a customer chain due to the ease of the selling and delivery of goods. The automated click and collect locker provided by Smartbox are effective and time saving since it can be installed outside the store premises and can be used for round the clock pick-up, without being constrained by the store timings. Smartbox also helps in bringing the online customer to your retail stores, which in turns helps in growing businesses of retail stores.
  1. Additional Support System- Smartbox does not require any additional manpower rather reduces the stress and efforts that your employees have to put in to manually manage the customer orders. It also saves time that they have to spend on the documentation, tracking, tracing and ensuring right delivery to the right customer.

Therefore, the success and future of retail stores in a future lie on the initiatives that the retailers take for providing customers the secure, efficient, accountable, and convenient shopping experience they expect and Smartbox is a step towards making a mark in the consumer market by providing effectual solutions.

To discover more about smart lockers from Smartbox, dial +91-8882-760-760 to speak with one of our representatives or send an email to We would be glad to assist you.


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