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The Enigma of “Attempted Delivery”
Those who indulge in frequent online shopping must have faced this situation at least once or even multiple times. Yes, we are talking about the mysterious “Attempted Delivery” status marked by courier companies. Just imagine, you are keenly waiting for your package to arrive and tracking shipment almost every day. However, on the date of delivery, the item does not show up. Frustrated, you log on to the courier company’s website, and found the status that reads like “attempted delivery – receiver unavailable.” You wonder, “How on earth I was unavailable when I kept waiting at my place all along?” You didn’t have to rack your brain to remember that no courier guy called you during this time.

Well, the next steps are easy guesswork. You call up the courier company, mention your shipping ID and ask for clarification. After some futile conversation, the guy on the phone tells you that they will make another delivery attempt next day. Now, if you miss this delivery, you need to collect the package from the courier office in person after showing your ID. Amid all these hassles, the holy phrase “customer convenience” simply gets blown away.

Old-fashioned Delivery Vs. Flexible Delivery – The Silver Lining
The adjective “old-fashioned” can often be an understatement when it comes to traditional courier services; they can even be shocking. A survey conducted by the US-based courier comparison service ‘Rapid Parcel’ in 2012 revealed that 13 percent of items ordered online were left outside of customers’ doors, even during the rain! The packages were dumped there without thinking twice that they may get damaged or stolen.

Now, what is the silver lining here? It is a flexible online delivery solution sans all the hassles we talked about. Regardless of whether you are working late, busy in meetings, or don’t have anyone at home to receive the package, a self-service locker can get your order on your schedule. Simple to use and available round-the-clock, automated parcel lockers allow you to collect package at your convenience. Major e-commerce and courier companies in Europe and North America have already witnessed and enjoyed the benefits of these click & collect lockers. In India, for example, Smartbox has come up with such a  online delivery solution to end the last-mile delivery woes for consumers. In fact, Smartbox automated parcel delivery lockers are expanding fast and will soon cover all tier 1 metro cities in India.

Some Insights into Smartbox Parcel Delivery Lockers

The automated parcel delivery lockers of Smartbox comprise modular lockers, system software, and locking devices. The lockers give you 24/7 access to collect your parcels and provide an audit trail of the transaction. You can get this facility while shopping with any e-commerce company that has an option to choose Smartbox as the delivery location.

Steps of online shopping in the smart way:
Step 1: Shop with an e-commerce company.
Step 2: At time of checkout, choose Smartbox as your delivery location.
Step 3: Get SMS/Email with OTP and collect your package from a Smartbox terminal.

Besides these simple steps of collecting a parcel, you can also opt for cashless COD, to be precise ‘Card Swipe on Delivery (CSOD). It means, you don’t have to carry extra cash required for COD deliveries, just a debit or a credit card is enough. In this way, you can get convenience, fast delivery, and of course peace of mind. Just get rid of the endless cycles of attempted delivery, and turn to Smartbox parcel delivery lockers to enjoy “anytime delivery.”


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