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Online shopping is on boom in India but the online merchants have to struggle with extremely under-developed logistics infrastructure. While the ecommerce companies are progressing by leaps and bounds, last mile delivery hassles continue to haunt both the ecommerce giants and the customers. There may be instances when customers are busy in a meeting, or may not be present at the given address to collect the parcels. This not only creates a chaotic situation but also wastes the time and efforts of the deliveryman. To bail out ecommerce industries from such situations, Delhi based startup Smartbox has introduced India’s first network of automated parcel terminals.

How does it work?
The biggest pain point of ecommerce companies is that someone needs to be present at the delivery address to collect the order. This may disrupt the personal and work schedules of the customers and result in re-delivery attempts and increase the costs for the courier companies. Smartbox automated delivery terminals address such issues related to last mile delivery. The smart locker network by Smartbox works in 3 easy steps. Customers can shop online from any of the e-commerce companies. During checkout, customers can select Smartbox as the delivery location. Once the package is delivered at the Smartbox terminal, customers will be notified by SMS and email with OTP. Customers can walk up to the conveniently located Smartbox terminal and use the OTP to collect the parcel. The smart locker networks will help e-commerce companies avoid costs of re-delivering if the customers are not present at the given address.

More about Smartbox
An innovative way to simplify online shopping, Smartbox is India’s first network of automated parcel delivery terminals. Aimed at providing convenience to the online shoppers, the service aims at improving online shopping experience of customers by providing new delivery options that were not present in the past. The automated self-service terminals are available 24/7. Located at strategic locations, deliveries to Smartbox can be made at night and collected in the morning. The smart option eliminates the need to get in touch with a courier person or agency. Overall, the concept provides a solution to the last mile delivery challenges. It provides convenience to the customers and efficiencies to the ecommerce companies. Smartbox is the ecommerce enabler that the Indian Ecommerce Industry has been waiting for.


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