Smartbox Automated Parcel Delivery Terminals make 24/7 Delivery Possible

automated parcel delivery terminals

The Indian e-commerce sector has been on a continuous boom from the past few years and has led to the emergence of an innumerable number of e-commerce players in the market. Consumers are spoiled for choice and the raining discounts offered to make online shopper the king in this market. Online Shopping has become the preferred method of shopping as the benefits available are numerous. Online Shopping is convenient, flexible, private and most importantly available 24/7. The same has been lacking in the delivery vertical of the e-commerce industry. Various parcel delivery models have been tried and players specifically targeting the first mile and the last mile of delivery have emerged, but till now none have been able to match the delivery experience to the shopping experience. Smartbox changes all that.

Introducing Smartbox

Smartbox is India’s first network of automated parcel delivery terminals. Smartbox makes receiving online deliveries as convenient as the online shopping part. It brings the much needed security, privacy, flexibility for the delivery of online shopping. It allows shoppers to pick-up parcels 24/7 as per their convenience. Smartbox terminals are placed at strategic locations for easy parcel pick-up and drop.

24 hours a day delivery is possible, deliveries can be made at night and collected in the morning. Smartbox brings efficiencies for its ecommerce partners and convenience for their customers.

Smartbox plans 125 terminals in Delhi NCR by June 2016 and will take this number to 1000 and cover the top 8 cities by the end of FY 2016.

automated parcel delivery

How exactly does a Smartbox Automated Parcel Delivery Work

A Smartbox can be used in three easy steps:

Step 1: Order Online and choose Smartbox as a delivery option

Step2: Delivery person drops off the parcel at the chosen Smartbox terminal, the customer receives OTP on email and via SMS.

Step3: Using that OTP, the customer collects parcel from the terminal on the day and time that is most convenient

Smartbox also provides for CSOD – Card Swipe on Delivery for faster COD settlements.

Smartbox make missing a delivery or coordinating with a courier a thing of the past.

The concept of self-service delivery locker is already gaining popularity among retailers and carriers in various parts of the world, because of its benefits as a fast and cost-effective delivery method. On the other hand, customers are likely to get even better e-shopping experience as they can collect their parcel at a time and place that are convenient for them without having to worry about missing a delivery or the hassles of coordinating with a courier service. Simply put, the package delivery services in India have just got smarter with Smartbox!

Keep tuned in for more updates from Smartbox.!!


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  1. Pallavi Sehgal says:

    24/7 delivery is definitely something that online shoppers will appreciate

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