How Smart Lockers are Transforming University Mailrooms

Smart lockers are transforming university mailroom

We will all agree that lockers have long played a significant role in a student’s life. If you look at movies and TV shows taped on school and college campuses, students are practically all the time shown hanging out and socializing around their lockers. Fast-forward to modern day and those old-fashioned and traditional lockers are no longer relevant.

The glamor lockers held for generations have all but disappeared in this decade. Why are traditional lockers going extinct? The reason is pretty obvious – technology. Today people especially students love their tech; after all, it’s all they’ve ever known. Old-school locker models no longer fit in the current setting as people now have multiple ways to communicate via technology especially with the onset on Internet of Things (IoT) and other connected devices.

Thus, in order to solve the issue, the universities are now opting for the ‘smart locker’ solution. With the help of these ‘intelligent lockers’ packages can be delivered conveniently and fast to the university students. Smart lockers allow students to retrieve their mail and packages – on their schedule. These lockers eliminate the issues that many colleges face when delivering mail and packages to students living on campuses; such as students running late to pick up packages, long waiting lines, an influx of mail around the holidays, and limited storage space. The lockers also keep their mail safe and secure. Smart lockers not only help in package management solutions but also remove staff from the parcel delivery equation.

Universities around the globe that have implemented smart lockers have experienced benefits including simplified locker management, lower operational costs, control of locker use, transparency, security, and differentiation.

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