Smart Lockers are the future of the Corporate Office

Smart Lockers are the future of the Corporate Office

Do you see your employees getting calls during important meetings and leaving their workstations often to collect/return their online shopping deliveries? Are corporate and personal packages piling up in your reception area? Do you see your workers constantly checking their phones to keep track of their online deliveries?

This is a common occurrence at almost all modern-day offices and would only see an upward trend in the coming years. As per the Statista Research Department, there were about 1.92 billion digital buyers, and eCommerce sales accounted for 14.1% of the total retail purchases worldwide in 2019. Moreover, retail purchases are expected to rise to 22% by 2023. This means that the parcel volume growth is going to be a concern not just for the eCommerce businesses but also for premises who will be collecting these parcels on behalf of the customers.

With corporates vying with each other to establish themselves as preferred places to work and attract top talent, it has become paramount for them to think about what more can they offer to their employees to make their lives easier. That is why self-service smart locker technology will be the future of corporate offices because they solve a unique problem for the employees, make their lives a lot more convenient, and help them focus on their work with minimum distractions.

What Smart Lockers can Offer?

Here is how automated parcel terminals by Smartbox optimize and secure delivery and pickup process of parcels among employees:

1. The correct circulation of information is a major advantage of using Smart Lockers as they allow users to receive an immediate notification of a parcel delivery at the company. Employees can access information immediately, physically or digitally, regardless of where the parcel is.

2. Package theft can happen to anyone, especially when parcels are delivered to unattended reception areas. Smart Lockers ensures the deliveries are stored in lockers protected by in-built security systems.

3. Smart Lockers offers a complete chain of custody that allows you to track orders back to their source minimizing the scope for human error thanks to the package tracking system and an online portal for delivery management.

4.  Special occasions and many EORSs (end of reason sale) that come around festive seasons see people go crazy over shopping for gifts, clothes and household items. And it becomes equally crazy to keep a track of all the deliveries. A Smart Locker saves your employees from this trouble and ensures everyone knows their orders are stored securely and ready for pickup.

5.  In this modern age, image and brand positioning is crucial for businesses, both new and established. Today more and more businesses want to establish themselves as ‘progressive employers’. By implementing Smart Lockers, you are sending out a message to your employees that you are serious about embracing new technology and improving their working conditions.

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