Smart lockers are the future of automation in the banking sector

Smart lockers are the future of automation in the banking sector

With the advent of emerging digital technology, the global banking sector has gone through a rapid transformation with higher speed, advanced skillset, enhanced productivity, and improved customer experience. To meet the evolving needs of today’s tech-savvy consumers and for a pleasurable and convenient banking experience, banks have ascended with more advanced products and services, Smart Lockers being one of them.  

As, automation is the current wave in global banking operations, envisioning to reduce repetitive tasks, increase employee productivity and retain focus on high-value operations. Matching pace with the evolving customer preferences has become important for banks to maintain a balance between traditional banking services and digitization. It is drastically important for them to continually evolve and streamline their processes to enhance customer experiences and increasing customer retention and loyalties.

Over the years, banks have embellished many customer-oriented processes, but are still hugely dependent on men and manual methods, which only add to human errors and cost. This is where Smart Lockers can play a significant role in banking industry.


What are Smart Lockers?

A smart locker is a storage solution that integrates technology allowing it to automate shipment notification and distribution. Once a shipment is entered into a smart locker system, the recipient is automatically notified that their package is ready for pickup and provided access instructions. Once the customer arrives at the locker location, the user enters their verification information. Once the verification information is entered correctly the door to the correct locker will open and the customer will be able to retrieve the package. These lockers can be accessed any time as per customer’s preference.

Smart Lockers have emerged to be the highly sought-after solution to salvage the bank branches from reducing processing time for account statement, credit/debit card, and cheque book deliveries. By automating the customer query redressal and delivery process for such services, banks can target to achieve enhanced operational efficiency and reduce costs.

How can automated smart lockers help banks?

Automation is the key to help banks integrate communication channels and enhance customer experience at every touchpoint:

  • Task simplification: Many bank operations are interlinked and interdependent, that makes the entire processing slow and cumbersome. Hence, integrating automation in bank processes can help reduce bottlenecks, simplify workflows, and speed up customer service.
  • Work repetition reduction: Automating repeated tasks can help in intensely reducing the rework time allowing the concentration of efforts on strategizing other essential processes increasing productivity in turn.
  • Work-quality enhancement: Eradicating human interference and interaction in tiresome repeated activities with the help of automation results in lowering the risk of human errors and increasing banking operational efficiency.
  • Efficiency boost: Automation helps in allowing human resources to focus on valued operations giving a radical efficiency boost.
  • Speedy turnarounds: As a gift of automation banks get to experience greater work efficiency, high resource output and reduced risk of errors, thereby contributing to overall branch productivity and turnarounds.

To arrest the opportunity and underlying benefits, the banks are strategically approaching for solutions. The race is already on among all competitive banks to deploy the dynamic solution to automate front-end customer-facing operation and provide in-branch services to customers round the clock.

Smartbox locker – An Automation Driven Dynamic Solution for Banks

Smartbox has emerged to be a best-fit solution in the banking sector offering safe, secure, fast processing and delivery of banking deliverables, and herein reducing transaction time and eliminating manual steps which enables banks to free up their branch staff from administrative tasks – so they can focus on their customer’ financial needs.

If you are seeking a comprehensive solution for your banks to sustain huge cost savings and increase branch productivity, and want to talk to our experts to understand how Smartbox can help, connect with our representative at +91-8882 760 760 and get all your queries resolved!


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