Smart Locker Technology in Hospitals


Today, automation is not just applicable in industrial and commercial processes, but it is also being applied to hospitals. The objective is to create solutions that are capable of automating hospital processes making them more secure and at the same time lowering the operational cost.

With a growing emphasis on logistics and supply storage in hospitals, there is a rising requirement for a well-organized use of space. Overseeing and distributing supplies to multiple departments is a challenging task and at the same time it is also time consuming thereby taking up hours from the staff’s valuable time. Storage and material management is also necessary to guarantee the safety of the patient in hospitals and other healthcare organizations.

It is necessary for the hospitals to have easily available drugs for the patient’s convenience; but unluckily, that is not the usual scenario in most of the hospitals. The automation of storage, supply and inventory of medication process will lead to lesser errors and also the untimely drug shortages will be minimized. This in turn shall enhance patient experience and benefit the society as a whole. Humans are bound to make errors and hence the manual management of the supply processes may lead to ineffective operations and shall lead to the wastage of both time and resources.

You can have a hassle free outpatient pharmacy and capture increased number of patient’s scripts by providing more options and handiness to your patients. You can provide the patients/people the ease of picking up the compliance scripts of the discharged patient/ward on their way out.

We at Smartbox aim at providing technology that adds value to the hospital’s work operations by making sure that the supplies are handled cleanly, safely, quickly, and in a portion of the space of a conventional shelving. Our professionals understand that a proficient inventory management system needs a patient-centred approach but at the same time it is also important to deliver affordable solutions to control the rising cost of medical care.

Convenience For Patients & Employees

• Online tracking system
• Avoid standing in lines and saves time
• Automated notification system for patients via e-mail or text message
• Patient retrieval via pick up code or smart phone app
• Touch Screen interface
• On site handy payment methods
• Barcode, Credit Card, RFID enabled readers
• Biometric identification for complete security

Convenience For Hospitals
• Webcam facility
• Telephone for one-on-one consultations (optional)
• Remote pharmacy supervision of pickups and full or empty slots
• Fully expandable, multi-column design with variable size lockers
• Pharmacy system integration options
• Data is encrypted for providing security
• Can also sell OTC medications
• Display is also capable of generating ad revenue
• Detailed reports for all activities and inventory
• Manages Return to Stock

If you are curious to learn more, dial +91-8882-760-760 to speak with one of our representatives or send an email to we would be glad to assist you.


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