The Role of Smart Lockers in the University Mail Rooms

The Role of Smart Lockers in the University Mail Rooms

In the age of technology, when online shopping has become a breeze a drastic change in the scenario of move-in day on the college campuses can be seen. Now students can easily get all that they want in their college with just a click of their fingers. Thus technological advancement has to a great extent solved the problem of getting all that one needs with just a ‘click’. Now students need not take the trouble of transporting all their belongings from their homes. They can order all that they need online. The e-stores having partnerships with delivery service providers to have the packages delivered promptly to the university mailrooms. This results in a humongous collection of packages in the mailrooms of the universities.

Placing an order online and shipping the products is not a big task. Having the package delivered to the students or what is popularly known as the ‘last mile delivery’ is the challenging task. It can be troublesome both for the students as well as the institutions. Collecting their packages becomes a nightmare for the students. They have to stand in long queues and wait for hours to collect their packages. They even need to check with the mailroom staff several times to know about the status of their packages. This results in wastage of the time of the students and stress on the mailroom staffs as well.

Thus, in order to solve the issue, the universities are now opting for the ‘smart locker’ solution. With the help of the ‘intelligent lockers’ packages can be delivered conveniently and fast to the university students.

Designed with the opinion of the leaders of the sector of postal service the intelligent locker system makes use of the newfangled ‘Internet of things’ technology to offer a comprehensive end-to-end solution for managing the handling, delivery, holding and forwarding of packages. The ‘intelligent locker’ system is provided with the amazing feature like the capability to scan the barcodes for sending the tracking numbers through the emails and recording the deliveries.

It offers around the clock convenient pick-up of parcels by the students without the need for signatures. With the text and email alerts notifying the students that their package had arrived there is no chance of the packages being misplaced.

The mail management needs to come up with more innovative ways of delivering packages. By embracing the futuristic technologies and the alternative management and delivery solutions, appreciable savings in cost and the convenient and effective distribution of the packages is possible.

How Do the Smart Lockers Work?

o  The packages of the students arrive at the campus at a centrally located area.
o As soon as the packages arrive at the campus they are received and sorted and get an exclusive system barcode.
o Packages are delivered to the ‘bank of lockers’ located centrally on the campus. They could even be delivered to a locker set located near or in the student’s room.
o After being scanned the packages are placed into the individual ‘smart lockers’ and are locked.
o Next, a text message or email is generated automatically and sent to the student notifying them that their package has arrived. The notification even contains the unique ‘one-time’ use code of access along with the locker number that contains their package.
o The students can then collect their package from the smart locker with the help of the ‘one-time use’ access code sent to them.

How Can Smartbox Help in the University Mail Rooms?

Smartbox is the international provider of the avant-garde ‘Smart Locker Technology’. It offers a whole lot of new age features that can help in mailroom automation across the universities.
o Customized Locker Design: According to the requirement of the students the locker design can be customized.
o Unlimited Usage: No added limit on the quantum locker usage once installed.
o Improved Efficiency: Smart Locker Technology provides proficient management of the locker spaces on the basis of parcel volumes with the ‘real-time’ status updates.
o Around the Clock Monitoring: Smartbox provides continuous maintenance and monitoring services and thus helps in the smooth delivery of packages to the university mail rooms, from where they are sent to the individual smart lockers of the students.

Thus with the help of the smart locker solution, the problem of lost packages can be solved completely. After scanning and placing the packages into the smart lockers, the students are immediately notified about their package through a text message or email. This process of automation lowers the time a package stays in the mailroom of the university and reduces the many times it changes hands. This results in rapid and effective delivery of the packages.

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