What Retailers Must Know About Social Shopping ?

What Retailers Must Know About Social Shopping ?

With rapid technological development, there has been an overwhelming increase in the number of tablets, PCS and of course mobile phone users. With these electronic gadgets becoming universal across the globe there has been a drastic change in the retail sector. Customers now prefer ‘social shopping’ to the traditional brick and mortar stores. As a result, the retailers of the traditional stores are compelled to change their marketing tactics to win over customers.

‘Social Shopping’ has gained a lot of momentum over the last couple of years due to the numerous benefits it offers. After all, what is ‘social shopping’? It is basically the combination of e-commerce and social media. It takes into account all the chief factors of the social media such as voting, friends, groups, discussions, comments and relates it to shopping. It leverages the social media aspects of supporting the e-commerce sales.

Social shopping brings together all kinds of products on one platform for the benefit of the customers. With social shopping being around customers need not hop around from one site to another looking for their products. With the help of ‘social shopping’, you can easily compare the prices of products and get honest product reviews from customers. Thus social shopping is beneficial over the traditional stores.

Here are some suggestions for the retailers who are new entrants to the social media:

Know Your Customers Well

The retailers of online shopping stores should be conscious of the fact that consumers are connected through smartphones and other electronic devices and thus the products and reputation of the e-commerce stores are always on display. The new retailers should understand this environment. Unprofessional services of an e-store can earn it a bad name in a couple of minutes. Thus it is essential to understand the power of social media and feedback from customers, bad or good that can impact a brand appreciably. Thus retailers should do their level best to harness the power of social media to their advantage.

Understand Customer Behaviour

The retailers need to understand the customer behaviour and hence need to respond, assimilate and analyze information from the various channels customers use. They should know all the events related to shopping, the customers are going through, right from comparing the prices of products from different online sites to actually buying them. Thus all the events are important as they influence the purchasing decision of the customers. Retailers should strive to understand and acquire the information customers are providing on the various social platforms about themselves.

Enhance Customer Engagement

Retailers should realize that the informed and interconnected shoppers expect a synergistic relationship with brands. Thus many well-known brands now make use of information intelligence, 3D modelling and collaborative apps to capture the involvement of customers along with taking inputs from designers, factories and suppliers. Collaborating with the customers in this way have helped companies in saving money and time to respond quickly to the customer demands and trends.

Understand the Tools

Each channel offers an exclusive set of tools, which can help retailers in selling their products effectively to the customers. Thus it is essential for a retailer to understand what each channel can provide. These tools not only help in selling products but also keep retailers abreast with the in-vogue trends of ‘social shopping’. In short, retailers who can effectively engage customers across the various channels to provide an omnichannel experience to them are the sure shot winners in this retail game.

How Can the Automated ‘Click & Collect’ Feature of Smartbox Help the Retailers?

Thus retailers now realize that to survive in the digitized world they have to incorporate changes to the workflows and touchpoints across the brick-and-mortar, mobile and online presence. The best way to do it is by incorporating the in-store ‘click & collect’ feature which is the fastest growing segment in omnichannel retailing. Smartbox offers the ‘Smart Locker Technology’ that can help retailers give stiff competition to their rivals. With this innovative delivery solution, customers get the convenience of collecting parcels 24/7 at their convenience.

o Effective Delivery and Return: The click & collect feature provides the customers with the option of same-day delivery by permitting them to research, browse and purchase online and thereby pick up the products on the same-day in-store.
o Solves Last Mile Delivery Problems: With the smart lockers, parcels are securely and safely delivered timely without the problem of coordinating with the courier person. Thus the problems of delayed and misplaced packages are addressed to a great extent.
o Scalable and Customizable: The Smart Locker Technology is scalable and customizable according to the requirement of the retailers irrespective of the complexity of the operations involved in the backend process.
o Minimize Operational Cost: Smart lockers are beneficial to the retailers as it helps in minimizing the operational cost incurred as a result of last-minute deliveries.

Thus for a true omnichannel experience for the customer, smart lockers provide the right delivery mix. Using smart lockers one can incorporate automated in-store Click & Collect and offer customers the BOPIS experience which helps in up-selling and cross-selling for retailers.

If you are curious to learn more, dial +91-8882-760-760 to speak with one of our representatives or send an email to info@smartbox.in. We would be glad to assist you.


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