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Even the most avid online shoppers often find collecting their package an arduous task. Though the e-commerce market is growing by leaps and bounds, delivering and collecting the order on time continues to be a big hassle for both the customers and the ecommerce industry. It has been estimated the around 56 percent of the customers refrain from shopping online due to the risk of failed delivery. Whether you need to collect your order, or replace something that you may not like, the limitations of last mile delivery have an impact on the services provided by e-commerce industry.

Roadblocks in Delivery System
The e-commerce portals, however, can’t be blamed for the inefficiencies related to last mile delivery. Clearly, there is a need for a better approach to solve the problem of delivering the products to the customers. While the e-commerce companies try to deliver large number of products at the lowest possible price, the customers want to receive their parcels at a time and place that is convenient to them. In both the cases, it is the delivery staff that plays a crucial role in meeting the demands of both the sectors. Unfortunately, scarcity of resources has an impact on both the stakeholders. Such problems call in for an alternative delivery solution that work well both for the customers and the e-retail industry.

Smartbox – The New-age Online Delivery Solution

To overcome the shortcomings and reduce last mile delivery hurdles, Smartbox has come up with a long-term parcel delivery solution that makes it possible to receive  deliveries 24*7. The automated parcel delivery terminals make receiving deliveries as easy as the experience of online shopping. Busy online shoppers are unavailable at various instances to collect the parcels that results in delayed delivery, unwanted courier coordination or delivery re-attempts.

The introduction of the online delivery solution has made it possible for shoppers to choose a Smartbox terminal close to their homes or offices as a delivery option. Customers receive an OTP when the parcel arrives, which can be used at the Smartbox terminals to collect the parcels at a convenient time. Smartbox solution uses advanced technology that makes it possible to store, track, notify or deliver the order. The robust and scalable cloud-based system integrates easily with the e-commerce portals. The delivery solution will reduce the delivery hassles for both the customers and the e-retail portals.


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