Black Friday sales along with Cyber Mondays have become a customary feature of the retail calendar worldwide. It has radically changed the way people shop until Christmas.

For Black Friday, retailers are seeking to acquire more sales figures than ever before. According to Forbes Thanksgiving Weekend Retail Results report, about 58 million people shopped online, while 51 million shopped exclusively in stores during last year’s Black Friday sales. The remaining 65 million consumers shopped both online and in store, meaning 116 million Americans left home to spend time and money in brick-and-mortar retailers.

Even though you hear and see a lot of news about huge sales and shoppers frenzy, behind the scenes it is totally different story. Retailer need to take care of a lot of planning, lots of moving parts, and lots of risks. Black Friday sales create big logistical challenges for retailers and their respective supply chains. Organizations work entire year in preparation, by analysing data and building inventories to prepare for the sales. But a small hitch in any of the retail ecosystem can lead to a major loss in sales.

To assure the delivery of goods is carried out as smoothly and swiftly as possible, smart intelligent locker solutions are becoming an inevitable necessity for every retailer. Smart lockers not only support retailers by providing their consumers with an Omni-channel experience but also combine orders into optimal routes at reduce mileage and resources, all while overcoming opening hour restrictions.

A report by Zebra Technologies showed that “73% of Shoppers who don’t even visit the stores now place click and collect orders, a sign that retailers are successfully bridging the gap in online and offline retail operations. Whereas, 86 percent of retailers will soon embrace In-store pick up model as their “default delivery method”.

Smart lockers integrate complex technologies allowing it to automate package movement and related notifications. After the Shipment is delivered by the delivery agent into the locker system, the consumer is automatically notified about the arrival of their package in locker for their pickup and is also provided with access information with which they can retrieve the item. Once the customer is at the locker, they enter the requested access information and post verification the correct locker opens and the customer will be able to retrieve the package at their convenience.

Automated Lockers can be a game changer for any retailer looking to enhance its offering and improve customers overall retail experience. To learn how Smartbox locker system delivers a truly customized, end-to-end solution by offering a seamless integration reach out to us at
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