Porch Thefts can be stopped effectively anywhere 

“Lobby Looters, Porch Pirates, Porch Thieves – they have many names. They are constantly on the lookout for unsecured packages.
Smart lockers put the game in favor of victims.”

Every year, billions of dollars are lost to stolen packages. During the pandemic, 11 million Americans alone lost their unattended parcels to spying porch looters. The problem has seen an uptrend for multifamily units as well as independent houses. 

Despite deterrents like security guards or even CCTV surveillance, porch pirates have evolved their strategies to loot valuable packages – ruining the experience for customers via lost money and time. 

Porch piracy has become so common, that 41% of people would rather avoid shopping online during the holiday season, while 20% of them would prefer to arrive home early to receive their ordered valuables. 

Isn’t this scenario too taxing on the citizens?

Greater the Package Volume, Greater the Vulnerability 

From a porch pirate’s point of view, the holiday season would be an ideal time to score more unattended packages. Lobbies, doorsteps, and mailrooms are usually the hotspots for package thefts. Holiday season observes a large inflow of gifts and parcels – the perfect opportunity for the looters.

If your residents experience more than one incident of package theft, surely it will affect their decision to continue tenancy. Not only does a stolen package translate into monetary loss, but also a sense of weak security surrounding the building. Why would a resident live with that feeling chipping constantly on their shoulder?  

Unattended Packages in Lobby May Attract Costly Fines! 

Moreover, multiple porch piracy incidents can be a costly affair for Property Managers. Canada, for instance, has recently moved a legislative motion to impose a fine of $100,000 on Property Managers in case the lying porch packages become a tripping hazard for the building residents. 

That means unattended packages may come even with bigger, potentially damaging hidden costs.

Smart Lockers Come in to Save the Day 

Smartbox digital parcel lockers offer the finest solution to combat the porch piracy problem!

Besides, smart lockers also help Property Managers establish order in the lobby and avoid hefty penalties if the regulations become more stringent.

But how do digital parcel lockers solve this crippling problem?

Easy! By automating last-mile package management.

Here is how Smartbox smart locker systems keep the porch pirates away, and ease the complexities associated with last-mile package deliveries.

Enjoy Automated, Secure Package Management  

Smartbox is an integrated smart locker system that automates package deliveries, storage and reception.

  • Any delivery agent can come in, use the self-service touch-screen terminal, and drop the package with just 2-clicks. 
  • The package is kept safe in the locker compartment and the recipient is automatically notified via SMS.
  • The recipient can access their parcel with a One-Time Password at anytime of the day – 24×7. 
Smartbox Digital Lockers are 100% Secure 

Combating a problem like porch piracy and overall parcel management requires a state-of-art hardware and software solution. Thankfully, Smartbox has proven to emerge as that innovative system.

  • All locker compartments are internally hinged 
  • All locker compartments are tamper-proof
  • Smartbox comes with inbuilt CCTV Surveillance
  • It also comes with an optional alarm system
  • Smartbox’s software is ISO compliant and fully encrypted for data protection
  • Smartbox can be monitored and controlled remotely via authorized personnel
Digital Parcel Lockers Save Tons of Costs 

One would be inclined to think of the costs associated with smart locker systems. However, when compared to the monetary ROI and experiential value of using these systems, the benefits far outweigh the costs.

  • No additional staff or personnel are required to operate the Smartbox digital parcel lockers 
  • No additional staff or personnel are required to operate the Smartbox digital parcel lockers
  • Smartbox is a white labeled solution and allows monetization of the system
  • Porch piracy costs are cut down by a 100%.
  • End customer experiential benefits can be as high as 8x.
Combat Porch Looters Effectively with SMARTBOX 

All Smartbox locker systems come with a promise of slick user experience, full package management automation, and security systems that cannot be circumvented. 

See how Smartbox digital parcel lockers can fit-in to your multifamily and residential applications for a stellar ROI.
Book a demo now to see for yourself.











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