last mile delivery

Last mile delivery is one of the most critical challenges for eCommerce companies due to high costs incurred. Also, 4-5% of online orders result into returns caused by logistics failure at the final delivery location. You can now solve these challenges for your eCommerce business by partnering with Smartbox.

Consumers’ unavailability at home or busy schedule at office often result into delivery reattempts, or even returns. The returns of delivery is a setback for you as an e-tailer, as it pushes up the average delivery costs by nearly 50% due to two way shipment. On the consumer side, delayed delivery or unwanted courier coordination for already short-on-time consumers, affects customers’ experience that is not favorable.

Smartbox bridges these gaps for your eCommerce business by using patent technology, and smart physical infrastructure on the grounds. With Smarbox, retailers can now provide consumers with an option to choose Smartbox near their office or home as a delivery option at the time of check out. You can drop the parcels at Smartbox terminals, from where consumers can pick up at a convenient time using an OTP sent to them through email & SMS at the time package is stored. Smartbox terminals are 100% automated and open 24/7.

Smartbox uses cutting edge technology and smart solid physical infrastructure to store, track, notify and deliver. The cloud based system is robust and scalable that integrates easily with eCommerce websites/portals. It also supports analytics and big data that can be further used to generate valuable consumer insights. E-shops can avail following benefits by partnering with Smartbox:

Last Mile Delivery Cost Savings: Smartbox minimizes costs incurred into finding exact delivery location, and following up with consumers to handover the parcels.

No Delivery Reattempts / Reduced Returns: Consumers’ unavailability at home, or busy schedule at office, often result into delivery re-attempts, or returns, that causes higher costs per delivery. Now, you can store the parcels at a Smartbox terminal from where the consumers can pick-up at a time convenient to them.

Reduce Storage Costs: Delivering to Smartbox terminals will eliminate the scope of undelivered goods coming back to final delivery hubs, this will save storage costs.

Fast COD Settlements: Smartbox accepts all credit/debit cards for COD transactions that helps e-tailers get faster COD settlements. Electronic payments at Smartbox terminals are powered by Yes Bank.

Smartbox terminals are new addition to e-Commerce delivery network that is fast, secure and efficient enough to mitigate overheads. Smartbox is currently available at 12 primary metro stations and business centers across Delhi NCR. We are rapidly expanding our network that will cover 1,000 locations in 8 major cities by the end of 2016. Smartbox is India’s first network of automated parcel delivery terminals.


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