Let your parcel do the waiting, use Smartbox & pick-up at your convenience

Let your parcel do the waiting, use Smartbox to pick-up at your convenience

Anupam always loved online shopping, thanks to the attractive discounts, variety of options and the convenience of shopping from the comfort of office or home. Unfortunately, for Anupam, online shopping lost its charm as a result of the delivery challenges he has had to face a couple of times. Anupam was attending an important meeting when the delivery man called him to collect the parcel. When he asked the guy to leave the parcel at his office reception, he refused to do so as his office was on the 2nd floor and courier people were not allowed inside the building. Online shoppers quite often face such problems with parcel delivery and as a result many of them have started to avoid online shopping. In addition, the hassles of returning a product, makes online shopping a painful experience. Considering these factors, there is need to come up with an easy and hassle-free delivery system. Enter Smartbox automated parcel delivery solution.

What sets Smartbox apart?
Smartbox is a mix of technology and smart infrastructure that simplifies online shopping experience for customers. Being the first of its kind of delivery solution in India, it helps e-commerce companies reduce the increasing logistics costs and hurdles related to last mile delivery. Smartbox parcel delivery systems provide 24/7 physical address for online shoppers to collect their parcels at a convenient time. Smartbox uses cutting-edge technology to track, store, notify, and deliver parcels to the online shoppers. Its robust technology integrates easily with the e-commerce portals. The cloud-based solution enables ecommerce companies to strengthen their association with their customers and build long-term relationship.

How does Smartbox work?
The smart locker network by Smartbox works in 3 easy steps. Customers can shop online from any of the e-commerce companies. During checkout, customers can select Smartbox as the delivery location. Once the package is delivered at the Smartbox terminal, customers will be notified by SMS and email with OTP. Customers can walk up to the conveniently located Smartbox terminal and use the OTP to collect the parcel.

Another advantage of using Smartbox delivery system is that customers don’t need to mention the full Smartbox address to receive the parcel delivery. They need to select the preferred Smartbox from the drop down list available on the website of the ecommerce company.

Smartbox is India’s first network of automated parcel delivery terminals. Aimed at providing convenience to the online shoppers, the service aims at improving online shopping experience of customers by providing new delivery options that were not present in the past. The automated self-service terminals are available 24/7. Located at strategic locations, deliveries to Smartbox can be made at night and collected in the morning. The smart option eliminates the need to get in touch with a courier person or agency. Overall, the concept provides a solution to the last mile delivery challenges. It provides convenience to the customers and makes online shopping a pleasurable experience.


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