Last Mile is the key to profitability for the Indian Ecommerce

last mile parcel delivery

The e-commerce market is evolving at a fast pace and as a result the logistics sector is witnessing hectic activity. In the past few months, there has been an increase in the number of start-ups that have come up with different service models to address the last mile parcel delivery challenges. The entire process of turning inventory to a parcel and ensuring that these parcels are delivered to the customers within the specified time can make or break the profitability of e-commerce industries. Studies have shown that most e-commerce industries face the imposing challenge of finding a reliable option to deliver products to the customers within a consistent time frame.

The Last Mile Delivery Issues
The increase in the number of same day deliveries by ecommerce companies have resulted in logistic companies focusing on solutions for the last mile delivery challenges. Some of the delivery challenges faced by the e-commerce companies are:
•Complex routing problems for delivering small parcels to many places
•Time bound deliveries that are to be delivered on restricted routes
•Hurdles faced by deliverymen to locate the address of the customers in dispersed locations
Inefficient last mile deliveries result in slow response rate, low customer retention rates and dissatisfied customers. It can be seen that last mile delivery has an impact on productivity, revenue and customer satisfaction so ecommerce companies need to focus on using an efficient delivery management system to ensure that the work is handled in an optimal way. To solve the above mentioned challenges, Smartbox has come up with an innovative solution of automated delivery terminals that cater especially to the last mile of logistics.

How Smartbox can impact Last Mile Parcel Delivery?

Smartbox is India’s first network of automated parcel delivery terminals. The terminals are located at strategic locations for easy drop and collection. Currently, present at various locations in Delhi NCR region, this network will expand all over India by the end of 2016 to help consumers and e-commerce companies in 24/7 parcel pick-up and drop respectively. Smartbox brings the much needed security, privacy and flexibility for the delivery of online shopping. It allows customers to pick-up parcels 24/7 as per their convenience.

Smartbox parcel delivery system uses cutting-edge technology and smart physical infrastructure to store, notify and track orders. Customers receive an OTP when the parcel is delivered at the terminal which that can be used to pick-up the order at a convenient time. The robust cloud-based system easily integrates with the ecommerce portals.

The introduction of Smartbox delivery terminals helps in reducing the last mile delivery challenges for ecommerce companies. As we have previously established, last mile is one of the most important factor in the profitability of these companies, so we can safely say that alternative solutions like Smartbox will in the long run help the ecommerce companies achieve and maintain their profitability.



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