Install Smart Locker for Hassle-Free Package Delivery and Retrieval


With the growth in online shopping, the number of parcels delivered at a household has increased significantly. Within a high-density residential society, apartment, or a condominium, getting parcels into the right hands takes considerable time and effort and despite the best efforts of property managers and RWA’s (Resident Welfare Association), the process remain cumbersome and perilous. Residents increasingly expect 24/7 retrieval of their delivered items with 100% security. To overcome these issues, Property Owners, Managers and RWA’s are installing smart locker systems to provide increased utility for their tenants and assist in the receiving and distribution of these parcels.

Smart Locker Solutions offer a secure, simple, easy-to-use automated package management system. Smartbox solutions simplify the package storage process, reducing package management operating costs whilst ensuring the highest levels of resident convenience.

View this infographic to find out more about the benefits of Smart Lockers in at the residential apartment:

If you want to install and looking to create world-class customer experience by taking the concept of package delivery and retrieval to a new level, we can help for sure. To know more visit: or dial +91-8882-760-760 or shoot an email to, and one of our representatives will reach out to you soon.


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