Elevating Passenger Experience at Airports

Elevating Passenger Experience at Airports

Ever growing competition in the airline sector is forcing airports to become more receptive toward the rapidly changing needs of passengers. With global passenger numbers expected to rise to 7.3 billion by 2035 (IATA Passenger Demand), airports need to ensure they are able to survive with such an increase.

Travelers today look forward to inexpensive and quicker services from airports. Passengers expect real-time information about their travel and updates in service changes. People expect efficient and highly personalized levels of services, although security measures adopted by airports have intensified traveler’s frustration. In consideration of the foregoing, prominent airports are investing a lot of time, money and efforts in plenty of technologies to help enhance passenger experience at various customer interaction points across their journey.

Today technology can help deliver a harmonious customer experience that can help position an airport ahead of its competitors. Technological advancements being implemented and embraced by airports across the globe range from smart gates, bluetooth beacon technology, biometric systems, to air traffic management, baggage management, IP-based security monitoring, communications, ticketing, and information systems, freight operations information systems, air traffic management and airways analytics and much more.

Another feather in the cap to make airports smarter and passenger friendly is the installation of Smart Lockers. Smart lockers or automated lockers have a wide variety of applications at airports and airline lounges such as to provide click & collect services, intra-day baggage storage and much more. Instantaneous access, customizable permissions, verifiable delivery, and real-time insights into all events make smart lockers more convenient, secure, and cost-effective than traditional lockers.  With passengers that are more mobile and dynamic than ever, businesses are relying more heavily on systems that improve accessibility and efficiency wherever possible. It’s clear why smart lockers are becoming the most sought-after solution for locations with variable users and flexible schedules.

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