e-Tailers Can Now Integrate Seamlessly With The Newly Released Smartbox Magento Plugin

e-Tailers Can Now Integrate Seamlessly With The Newly Released Smartbox Magento Plugin

The Magic of Magento
Most e-commerce portals seek a platform that is simple, easy to implement and has all the tools that can make their business smart, functional and business-savvy. In the current scenario, Magento is the one of the most popular e-commerce platform that works quite well for digital businesses. This is undoubtedly an advanced and effective platform that is scalable, customizable and powerful if eTailers want to make their portals search engine friendly. It might not be the most workable option for smaller retailers due to its size. The default size of Magento contains many files that require self-hosting on Magento compliant hosts. Both omnichannel and e-commerce businesses can easily manage their orders, inventory distribution and coordinate with their drop ship partners without any hassle.

Smart Selling and Smarter Shopping!
E-commerce portals that are constantly seeking ways to provide a diverse range of inventory and delivery methods that can make their customers’ shopping experience even better. With the latest Magento plug in released by Smartbox, e-commerce sites are likely to witness increased efficiency.

The Smartbox Magento plugin will help e-portals integrate across all sales and fulfilment channels and give multiple shipping choices to customers including automated parcel delivery for each individual order. Be it omnichannel fulfilment or purely e-commerce based transactions, customers can choose their convenient parcel pick up location and opt for the CSOD payment method. It’s a highly anticipated solution that both retailers as well as customers have been waiting for.

The extension will allow customers who will shop on the e-commerce partner sites of Smartbox to select a Smartbox collection point during check-out, from the rapidly growing network of automated parcel delivery terminals. This unique parcel delivery method reduces cart abandonment and brings down delivery complaints.

Simply put, through ‘Magento Modules Development’ and ‘Custom Magento Extensions Build,’ the Smartbox plugin will integrate with the e-commerce partner portals, and help customers:

•Choose Smartbox as a shipping method on the checkout page
•Find the nearest Smartbox collection points strategically located in metro stations, commercial premises, and residential complexes by entering ‘Areas’ or ‘Pin Code’
•Select Smartbox CSOD (Card Swipe on Delivery) as the payment method.

The latest Magento extension will add Smartbox to the ‘Shipping Method Settings’ where the following description will get added on the billing step:
“Whether you are home/office or not there – now you do not have to deal with a courier person for receiving your package. Smartbox is an automated solution through which you can pick-up your deliveries 24/7. Smartbox also provides for CSOD…….you can pay at the time of pick-up using any debit or credit card.”

Choosing the above option leaves out the need to put details related to ‘Shipping Address’ and ‘Shipping Method’ and those stages get skipped. Online shoppers can still click back through the back button and change their choice of shipping method if required.

To get detailed information about Magento Plugin or any other details related to Smartbox and its installation, give us a call at 8882-760-760, and we will be glad to assist you.


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