Creating Package-Friendly Multifamily Units with Digital Parcel Lockers 

Urban hotspots are no stranger to multifamily living, a boon for those who don’t want to give up on comforts of life and yet enjoy the belongingness of a community.The pandemic taught us to expect the unexpected.  

Multifamily units are often seen as the epitome of urbanization, with new residential societies blooming rapidly as they can – both in the developed and developing nations. The emphasis on making cities smarter and the world a greener place technically begins within these residential hotspots. 

However, despite being the biggest drivers of e-commerce economy, tele-services, and logistics endpoints, the residents within the global apartment scenario haven’t witnessed much innovation or convenience in terms of parcel reception and returns. 

For most of them, arrival or return of parcels requires their personal attention via the traditional process. And so, the call for package innovation is imminent. 

Parcel INNOVATION, you say? 

We are all too familiar with the delightful feeling that comes with every ‘your package has arrived’ notification. And, then you realize that your apartment is locked because you are in the office.

‘Who will receive the parcel now?’
‘Is my expensive item safe lying around in the mailroom?’
‘How long will the delivery re-attempt take?’

These questions sound even more daunting considering the average porch piracy rate is more than 50%in the USA alone. That means 1 out of 2 packages is vulnerable to theft/damage.  

Moreover, the hassle of coordinating with the shipping partner is a micro-project in itself. You must pause everything, coordinate with the building staff or the delivery agent, and relax only when the package finally arrives safely in your hands.  

This is where the spark for package innovation kindles, and Smartbox Digital Parcel Lockers are filling this gap through proven, innovative technology…  

Digital Parcel Lockers Built for Multi-Family Units🏢  

SMARTBOX is more than just a smart locker system. It is the pinnacle of convenience when it comes to package deliveries. 

Designed from the ground-up for automating package reception, secure storage, contactless retrieval and returns, Smartbox turns modern multi-family units into finer living experiences.  

But how?

24×7 Contactless Package Access🕛  

Smartbox allows the much-needed convenience of retrieving packages at the user’s will, no matter what the time. For instance, the delivery agent simply goes to the Smartbox terminal near you, scans the package, and places it securely in the automated locker compartment.

Once you are at home, you can simply go to the terminal with a One Time Password (OTP), and the designated locker with your package will open up.
Simply collect the package, close the locker & forget! Fully contactless, coordination-less, and convenient experience without compromising your package security.

The best part? You can return the packages with the same process.

Ultra-Secure Automatic Locker Compartments 🚨 

It would be wise to critically evaluate the security of packages if they are stored within an automated system, without human intervention. Smartbox is equipped with state-of-the-art security features when it comes to securing your parcels from prying eyes.

Every Smartbox locker system comes with the following security outfit;

  • Tamper-proof locker compartments (internally hinged) 
  • Surveillance video camera
  • Alarm and warning system  
  • Encrypted cloud software
  • Seamless remote monitoring and control
  • Weatherproof locker system

Rest assured, only you will be able to access your parcel, and nobody else – will and can 😉

Easy Control & Troubleshooting⚡  

Call it a boon for property managers and multifamily executives, Smartbox can be seamlessly controlled remotely via our proprietary cloud software. Moreover, one can track and analyze the status of all locker units vis-a-vis occupancy, availability, and their working – all through a powerful yet simple dashboard.

In case a malfunction arises, Smartbox provides 24×7 customer helpdesk for all users. Phew! Peace of mind for everyone 😊

Built to Scale🚀  

Smartbox scales with your needs. That means peak demand parcel flows, volumetric packages, and mailroom chaos can be handled like a boss.

Add as many units as you need for any application. Smartbox digital parcel lockers will keep up with the tough work without hiccups.

Why is Smartbox Loved by Property Managers Across the Globe?💝 

For residents and end-users, Smartbox is a fabulous solution for hassle-free automated package management.
But what skin do property managers have in this game?
Here are the benefits for property managers and multifamily executives when they choose Smartbox;

  • A fully white labelled solution – custom branding, advertising, and promotions are just a few ideas on top of our head! 
  • No operational staff required – say YES to self-service automated lockers, you don’t need to hire anyone to assist, operate or maintain the entire system. 
  • Free-up your staff – yes, we are familiar with all the challenges and cumbersome tasks that come with package management and mailroom sorting. Thanks to Smartbox, it was yesterday, and your staff will be much more productive & happier!  
  • Additional revenue stream –  Many of our clients provide Smartbox’s usage on a subscription or pay-per-use basis. Since the value offered to the end-users is of convenience, security, and timesaving, they are more than happy to pay for it. Another great thing is that you can collect payment automatically at the Smartbox terminal – simply ask our sales team about the same.   
  • Turn Any Multifamily Establishment into a Package Haven🎁😇  

    Automate your package management load and retain much happier tenants. Request a live demo for Smartbox now and our team will show you how.  











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