Click-to-Collect Locker Systems: Quick Guide for Retailers 

We get it! You are looking to enhance the customer experience and convenience across your brick-and-mortar outlets.  

While the e-commerce boom has changed the landscape for retailers forever, offline shopping remains a mainstream trend to scan, pick, buy and checkout with a personalized human-touch for most people. This has compelled retailers to look for ways that enhance the customer convenience and merge ‘digital with physical’ to provide a connected buying experience.  

While omnichannel customer touchpoints are getting smarter day by day (thank you, AI!), a pressing gap still exists between online and offline shopping experiences. This calls for smart, sustainable change powered by customer-friendly technology.

Thanks to Click-to-Collect locker systems, they are paving the way forward to revolutionize ‘Phygital’ retail. 

What makes click-to-collect retail lockers special?  

There are several features that can make retail click-and-collect lockers special or unique. For instance, Smartbox offers. 

#1. Locker Customization: Some click-and-collect lockers can be customized to match the branding or aesthetic of the retailer, making them more visually appealing and cohesive with the overall shopping experience. Moreover, Smartbox lockers are fully white labeled and the retailer can use it and monetize it as per their requirement with full ownership rights.   

#2. Size and capacity: Click-and-collect lockers can come in a range of sizes and capacities, depending on the needs of the retailer and the types of items being stored. Some lockers may be designed to hold larger items, such as electronics or furniture, while others may be designed for smaller items, such as clothing or accessories. 

#3. Technology: Some click-and-collect lockers may feature advanced technology, such as touch screens, RFID scanners, and secure One-Time Password which can make the pickup process more efficient and convenient for customers. All Smartbox lockers come with encrypted cloud software that enables remote control, troubleshooting and locker usage analytics in real time.  

#4. Multiple pickup options: Some click-and-collect lockers may offer multiple pickup options, such as a keypad for code entry or a barcode scanner for scanning a mobile device or paper receipt. This can make it easier for customers to retrieve their orders using the method that is most convenient for them. BOPIL (Buy Online Pickup In Locker) service is becoming a powerful gamechanger for the retailers owing to the IoT locker technology.  

Overall, the features of retail click-and-collect lockers can vary depending on the specific needs and goals of the retailer. Though, Smartbox is designed to provide a convenient, efficient, and secure way for customers to retrieve their online orders, while offering ample flexibility for customization and white-label branding. 

Click-to-Collect Locker Operations and Viability 

The viability of click-and-collect locker operations for retail can vary depending on several factors, including the size and type of the retailer, the location of the locker, and the overall demand for the service. 

In general, click-and-collect locker operations can be a viable option for retailers who want to offer a more convenient and efficient way for customers to retrieve their online orders. They can be especially useful for retailers who have many online orders and want to provide a pickup option that is convenient for customers but does not require a salesperson to be present. 

However, it is important for retailers to carefully consider the costs and benefits of implementing a click-and-collect locker operation. For example, retailers may need to invest in the hardware and infrastructure necessary to support the locker operation, as well as any ongoing maintenance and support costs. This is where Smartbox shines through for the retailers. 

Smartbox retail locker systems have proven themselves as a crucial asset for the retailers who value CX, cost-optimization, and sales profit bottomline.  

–> Retailers get up to 200% ROI on Smartbox click-and-collect investment

–> Typical break-even time for Smartbox retail locker investment ranges from 18-months to 24-months

–> Smartbox retail locker experience often instantly uplift CX points by up to 60%

–> 200+ Global Retail Players use white-labeled Smartbox click-and-collect lockers backed by strong after-sales support and ROI

–> Retail brands get all the necessary support to make this locker system live – provided directly by us i.e., the OEM itself 


Take your Retail Outlet Experience to the higher ground 

Boost Customer Experience, push more orders. Start value-added services like BOPIL for your retail brand at any scale.  

Launch your own 24×7 branded self-service locker service for automated last-mile order fulfillment.  

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Paras Sachan

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