Hidden Varsity Blues of Campus Mail [Infographic]

Campus Mail is a uniquely unnoticed part of student and staff life at Higher Education Institutions. Admissions checklists usually account for quality of mess halls, recreational facilities, libraries, residential facilities and more. What many applicants and university employees fail to notice is the University Mail Center and the On-Campus Postal Services. Recently, campus residents (staff and students) have raised concerns about packages and mails received and released via university offices. Not just the health and safety concerns amid COVID-19 pandemic, but regular operational issues like package mishandling, theft and losses, un-tracked notifications, delayed services and more have been raised repeatedly across universities with the most seasoned mail center facilities.

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Solution to Rising Campus Mail Issues – Smart Lockers

Rising volume of e-commerce and postal transactions through residential campuses and administration offices at universities is mounting yet un-noticed “Varsity Blues” of its own nature. Some institutes have been seen outsourcing their mail operations to private postal carriers, while some have increased their staff quotas. Another Smarter band of Campuses has been seen adopting Automated Lockers for parcel and mail management at their campuses. This has not only helped them to manage high volumes of student and staff mails but also helped them reduce operational discrepancies in conventional mail centers. Most of the campuses were also able to manage their mail center facilities during COVID-19 with the help of these lockers while maintaining contactless safety guidelines.

Here we have a simple and graphic overview of the problem that universities across the world are facing and the possible solutions to the situation.

Hidden Varsity Blues of Campus Mail

Applications of Automated Lockers beyond Campus Mail

While academic prestige remains quite a considerable factor for influencing university rankings, residential and on-campus facilities still influence great deal of student, staff and employee decisions. As consumers from all age groups naturalize with increasing online buying and extended doorstep delivery services (laundry, post, consumer banking, etc.), campuses must look at cost effective solutions like Automated Campus Lockers to solve unnoticed concerns.

Smartbox as a leading Automated Lockers Hardware and Software Solutions provider can help academic organizations to transition from conventional manual mail centers to automated mailrooms and parcel hubs with its lockers. With years of experience with small to large enterprise stakeholders, Smartbox has also transformed on-campus facilities with a wide range of day lockers, mail lockers and parcel lockers.

To get more details about designs, pricing, software suite and more contact our Campus Automation experts at info@smartbox.in +91-8882-760-760


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