The Coronavirus has brought the world to its knees. As a precautionary measure, people around the world you too are asked to stay inside their homes and practice social distancing. However, this has made buying daily essentials like groceries and food difficult not to mention extremely dangerous if one has to go out of their house to buy supplies. Many grocery businesses, food delivery service providers, pharmacies, etc., are coming up with ways to allow people to continue ordering essentials from the comforts of their homes and ensuring contactless deliveries happen without delivery boys and customers coming into contact.

This can prove to be an effective measure in breaking the chain of spreading the virus further and at the same time, ensuring businesses concerning daily necessities run smoothly while taking all the precautionary measures. To make contactless deliveries possible effectively, safely, and most importantly hygienically, smart lockers can play a vital role. Here are some of the benefits that smart lockers can bring especially in the wake of the current COVID-19 pandemic:


Benefits of Contactless Delivery Via Smart Lockers:


  • Helps Restrict the Movement of Delivery People: Smart Lockers by Smartbox can be installed anywhere with power and Internet supply. This is especially beneficial during the current COVID-19 pandemic as whatever consumers orders can be delivered directly to a smart locker that is located nearest to the consumers’ place of residence (be it a residential colony or a multi-family apartment complex); thereby restricting the movement of people responsible for delivering essential supplies. The important thing that needs to be done here is that both the delivery people and consumers must take proper sanitary measures like wearing masks whenever they are out, avoid touching surfaces when outside as well as their faces, and washing hands often to ensure their safety.


  • Helps Avoid Person-to-Person Contact: The thing that makes smart lockers a viable option especially during the current times is that it ensures people get to practice social distancing even when ordering in stuff they need. Firstly, no one needs to go out to buy stuff and expose themselves to the dangers of getting in contact with an infected person. Secondly, the deliveries get dropped off to automated self-service parcel terminals which do not require consumers to come in direct contact with the delivery people. Even if one has placed a COD order, they can make the payment via the smart locker terminals eliminating the need for coming in contact with another person.


  • Helps Manage the Risk of Spreading Viruses/Infections: The need of the hour is to stay at home as much as possible and only go out when absolutely necessary. When one has a way figured out to get daily essentials delivered to their doorsteps just like how they were even before the coronavirus outbreak, there is no need to step outside the house until there is an emergency. This will assist in stopping the spread of the virus to some extent.


  • Helps Prioritize the Health & Safety of Customers, Delivery People & Parcels: With the above-mentioned advantages that have been discussed, delivery businesses using smart lockers can help consumers with their daily essentials delivered conveniently and hygienically amid the lockdown. This not only helps businesses prioritize the health and safety of their customers but also their delivery people. Not to mention, it will also aid in assisting the governments in their efforts to keep the citizens indoor.

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