Automating Student Lockers for COVID Proof Campuses


Admissions process of University Students this year is going to have one key component across the world – Campus Mail and Delivery OrientationGlobal Higher Education Institutions are already exploring advanced Student Care and COVID Proof Campus PoliciesWhile campus management is still figuring a way to keep Lecture Halls, Cafeterias and Libraries safe; a decent cohort is also focusing on building COVID Proof Campus Mail and Parcel Centers. Automation of Delivery Management Centers at Universities could turn the chapters for such management teams while enriching the student and staff on-campus experience altogether. 

Growth of Online Buying and Campus Lockers  

With the rise of online shopping for daily consumables, food and academic supplies; authorities are meant to tackle a high volume of mail and parcels. Student Housing Business Survey 2019 confirms that University Mail Centers have been expanding at 13% annually by volume and 23% by costs for the last 5 years. Combined with other contributing factors like reduced staff, health compliances and safety overheads; Campus Mail and Parcel Management is going to be a tiresome task for institutions. To understand how Campus Locker Dynamics will change as students come ‘Back to Study’; campus leaders must first identify the areas of focus for their COVID Proof Campus Policies.

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COVID Proof Campus Lockers – Areas of Focus  

Higher Education Institutions working in partial or full capacity will need to ensure that all student or staff mail and parcel deliveries still maintain a near normal operation with absolute COVID safety. Not only the public areas but also personal spaces will need to be made safe for 100% COVID Proof Campuses. Here’s a go-to checklist identify areas where Automated Campus Lockers could make a difference.  

Table 1: COVID Threats in Higher Education Institutions and Student Locker based Solutions

CampusFacility COVID Threats Student Locker based
Student Housing Properties
  • On Campus Mail Delivery 
  • In-Person Food Delivery Services 
  • Package-to-Package Contamination 
  • Contactless Parcel Lockers
  • 24X7 Pick Up and Drop Off Hubs 
Campus Recreational Facilities 
  • Shared Student Lockers 
  • Laundry for Rent 
  • Personal Care and Spa Inventory 
  • Automated Laundry Lockers 
  • Programmable Isolation Lockers for Reusables 
Campus Retail and Stores 
  • Campus In-Store footfall 
  • Queue Management 
  • Cash Handling 
  • Warehousing 
  • BOPIS (Buy Online Pick Up in Store) Solutions 
  • Click and Collect Terminals 
  • Lockers as a Warehouse Solutions 
Academic Buildings and Offices 
  • Peak Hour University Mailroom Crowd 
  • Shared Academic Assets in Libraries 
  • Lecture Halls etc. 
  • University Mailroom 
  • Automation Management Suite 
  • Automated Mail Lockers 
Cafeteria and Mess Halls 
  • Cold Storage 
  • Perishable Inventory 
  • In Campus Take Outs 
  • Temperature Controlled Automated Lockers 

Barriers to Efficient Campus Mail and Parcel Management

Top Last Mile Logistics firms confirm that at least 15% of college students and staff members receive one package a day. That’s not withstanding the regular administrative influx of academic supplies and equipment. Add to that the lag and losses of Labour-Intensive University Mail and Parcel Centers and we have 37% institutions confirming ‘manual operations’ as the top reason for staff and student complaints. Electronic Campus Lockers by Smartbox being the scalable, trackable, and customizable solution for efficient and safe parcel and mail management achieve multiple targets for such campuses.

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New Opportunities with Campus Locker Solutions
Mail and Parcel Isolation for COVID Safety

Pizza or Skateboard – package to package contamination remains the top COVID infection source from campus delivery services. Having a programmable isolation mechanism allows Smartbox lockers to maintain safe gaps between locker access. As for the space constraints for holding one package per locker, Smartbox Automated Lockers offer wide range of compartment customization.

Campus Locker Scheduling with Smartbox  

On-Campus Mailrooms and Parcel Centers can no longer afford to operate during same hours, especially considering the ‘peak hour crowds’ and scope of COVID infectionAs it appears, Inconvenient Mailroom Hours has already been one of the prominent issues of Campus Mail Centers users (22%) – FedEx, 2019. Converting University Delivery Desks into 24X7 Pick Up and Drop Off Hubs can help manage inconvenience and COVID Proof access constraints at the same time. Scheduling access hours between academic departments, student-staff residents and other users will save time and keep the students safe from infection. 

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Source: FedEx On Campus Parcel Management Survey 2019 

Contactless and Trackable Campus Deliveries

Repeated College Mail Center visits remain yet another reason for concern across institutions. Students remain un-notified about their Campus Mails and Parcel Deliveries with 72% notifications shared on rarely used Academic Email Accounts, only 17% getting instant mobile notifications and 11% not getting notified at all. What students need is a Smart Campus Locker Management Suite that reduces repeat visits and ensures better first time through deliveries. Smartbox Lockers accomplish more so with Contactless Click and Collect Deliveries that further eliminate scope of infection.

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COVID Proof Mailrooms and Parcel Centers – with SmartboxUniversity Lockers

University Mail and Parcel Services are more than just passing on packages from university reception to dorm rooms. It also includes managing queues, social distancing, surface disinfection, and more to ensure that students and staff stay safe from any COVID threats. As the world prepares to re-start education in the Post-COVID World, Automated Campus Lockers may yet play a significant role in keeping on and off-campus facilities safe for daily operations. Beyond ensuring the COVID Safety Measures for Campus Delivery Services, Automated Lockers may also act as administrative assets for ensuring more productive utilization of staff resources and a personalized student living experience. 

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