Automated Parcel Lockers are The Next Big Things To Disrupt The Last-Mile Delivery Industry

Smart locker technology to disrupt the last mile retail delivery industry

As the last-mile delivery is creating more challenges than solutions for both customers and retailers alike – the question then arises, what will be the future of retail delivery experience for digitally connected consumers?
Innovative and automated parcel delivery locker technologies have been in the talks lately. The retail delivery industry is coming of age with the presence of automated parcel lockers or smart lockers. With smart locker technology, retailers can maximize the number of parcel deliveries in a day and at the same drive down the extra operational costs. It also improves the retail delivery experience for customers by providing ease-of-use and 24/7 accessibility to click and collect their parcel.

Automated parcel lockers bring ease and accessibility to retail delivery

The desire for accessing and receiving the parcel at their convenience can simply make your customers feeling delighted.
With the advent of automated parcel locker technology, the retail delivery industry will be leveraging the advantages of future-ready approach while eliminating the risk of lost and delayed parcel deliveries.

Time has come when retailers need to rethink in order to provide consumers with the best-in-class delivery experience and convenient ways when buying, receiving and returning products.
According to research by Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index, parcel volume globally grew 17 percent last year to 74.4 billion parcels, up from 63.6 billion in 2016. Global shipping volume is expected to surpass 100 billion parcels in 2020. To cope up with this landscape growth, retailers must look for innovative ways to bring transformation in retail delivery processes be it for last-mile delivery or Click and Collect.

How Automated parcel lockers are the best shift for retailers?

From receiving orders online to delivering goods to consumers – what do you think is considered to be the crucial part of a retailer? Certainly, improving the retail delivery experience can be a game-changer!
Parcel delivery lockers are simple to use and can be installed at anyplace. It includes the combination of unique features to facilitate parcel delivery in lesser time and cost.

  • Self-service retrieval: 24/7 Click and collect allows your customers to collect the package based on their availability and at their proximity. Your customer would be really happy as there’s zero chance of lost and delayed delivery. The tracking will become much easier as Smartbox offers relevant insights. All your customers have to do is to enter Personal Identification Number (PIN) and collect packages from the nearest Smartbox.
  • Get notified instantly: Consumers want complete flexibility and control over receiving a parcel delivery. With parcel lockers, retailers can offer flexibility to their customers to get instant notification on their mobile devices once their parcel is available to collect at the nearby Smartbox. Retailers can define the duration of parcel availability based on their customer needs.
    Traditional last-mile parcel delivery will no longer serve the growing needs of digitally connected consumers who are looking for the lowest delivery charges, ease of receiving products and convenience of collecting parcel on their own time.
  • Consumers are changing and so must we.


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