Automated Click & Collect – The Competitive Edge Your Business Needs This Holiday Season

Automated Click & Collect - The Competitive Edge Your Business Needs This Holiday Season

With the holiday season right around the corner, e-commerce sales are bound to see a spike. But unfortunately, it’s not the only thing that will skyrocket. With the rise in the number of purchases online, customers’ complaints and order delays will also increase. In such a scenario, how do retailers meet the demands during the peak season and serve customers to their satisfaction?

Smart Locker is the go-to solution that can help retailers gain an edge in the market. It is an alternate delivery solution which gives freedom to customers to collect their parcel at their convenience and retailers, a chance to address last mile fulfilment issues and enhance customers’ experience.

Automated Click & Collect – The perfect solution for a profitable holiday season

1. In-store Click & Collect – The rapidly expanding e-commerce market has made the role of retailers in the purchasing experience more important than ever. Click & Collect has become a choice for retailers as it helps them manage the customer experience while upselling & cross-selling additional products. It also provides a means to handle returns more efficiently. In-store Click & Collect also helps to offer same-day delivery by allowing customers to browse, research & purchase online and pick up their product the same day in-store.

2. Most efficient form of delivery and return – In this day and age of living life in the fast lane, no one has the time to get into the problems of delivery and returns. Everybody appreciates and is inclined towards efficiency. Smart Lockers happen to be the most efficient when it comes to handling delivery and returns. A simple three-step procedure which begins with – shopper getting the OTP code to access the locker after the product is delivered, him/her accessing the locker and collecting package at a time convenient to them and lastly, if they wish to return, they place the package back with a return sticker. The idea behind this cutting-edge innovation is to save time & costs and enhance the efficiency of the end-to-end delivery process.

3. Safe & Secure – As the increasing demand for online shopping continues to accelerate, so do customer expectations to receive their order on time. But the misplaced and delayed packages are the major areas that smart lockers help manage effectively. With, Smart locker the packages are delivered safely and securely on time without any hassles of coordinating with courier person.

4. Customizable & Scalable – Regardless of the operational complexity of the backend process and scale of the needs, smart locker enables retailers to get maximum benefits. It is customizable in configuration and scalable as per the requirements and specific needs of the retailers.

5. Every metric integrated – Smart Locker is built to enhance and support business with metrics that matter. Whether it is the turnover, pickup times or parcel size, a Smart Locker helps with you all of it. In essence, Smart Locker technology can integrate all metrics that matter for the retailers and provide real-time monitoring of the same.

Be it the needs of the customers or the requirements of the retailers, Smart Locker is an apt solution; and if we consider the consumers’ ever-growing demands for fast delivery, it would not be wrong to say that Smart Lockers are imperative.

How to Implement?

Partner with Smartbox, a pioneer of smart lockers technology across the globe. Our holistic solution will help you manage the peak volumes of holiday season. Just share your requirements with us and our experts will come up with a tailor-made and robust execution strategy, in sync with your needs.

If you are curious to learn more, dial +91-8882-760-760 to speak with one of our representatives or send an email to We would be glad to assist you.


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