7 FAQs on Automated Parcel Lockers

7 FAQs on Automated Parcel Lockers

Self-service lockers or automated parcel terminals or click & collect lockers, regardless of whatever the naming variants, these locker kiosks are set to revolutionise parcel delivery service! In fact, they already have provided breakthrough solutions to most European countries’ delivery and logistical issues. Now, it’s India’s turn to roll out this unique concept and step ahead. Instances such as missed deliveries, coordinating with deliverymen, compromising on the busy schedule are soon going to be things of past.

Despite the buzz around the launch of parcel locker service in India, many consumers, especially online shoppers, are still unaware of the entire process and how it will benefit them. To shed more light on the matter and provide clarity, here are seven frequently asked questions by shoppers about automated parcel lockers :

1. What a Self-service locker looks like?
Each locker comprises columns; with each column has a mix of small, medium, and large sized lockers. The computerized touch screen in the middle is where e-shoppers need to enter their phone number and one time password to collect their parcels.

2. Where can I find automated parcel lockers?
The most common locations of these lockers are shopping malls, community centres, railway stations, office buildings and so on. A leading locker service provider like Smartbox, for example, has currently installed automated parcel terminals at the major metro stations in Delhi NCR region. As the lockers are highly secured, they can easily be installed in open areas so that online shoppers can collect their package 24*7.

3. Can I choose a location to get a package delivered? How will the parcel reach there?
Yes, you can. When you shop at an e-commerce portal, which is a partner of the locker service provider, look for self-service locker locations during check out.

The computerized touch screen has the data feed of the online shoppers, who ordered an item. The delivery person selects the recipient’s name from the directory and size of the package. Subsequently, the system opens up an unused locker to place the package.

4. How do I know when my parcel arrives, and how can I collect it?
Once your parcel reaches at the designated locker, you will receive an SMS and email notifying its arrival. You will also receive a one-time password (OTP) to your mobile and inbox. You just need to put your phone number and OTP for identification of the locker at the terminal. Thereafter, the computerized touch screen shows the locker where your package is placed. The locker that is specifically assigned to you will open automatically. Collect your package and you are done! It’s that simple.

5. Will I get any reminder about collecting my package?
Yes. If you are unable to collect your parcel on the same day of its arrival, you will receive an SMS, which reads something like this:

Hi <your name>! The parcel that you had ordered from <retailer name> is waiting for your pick-up. Whenever convenient please visit <Locker location> along with the OTP sent earlier to pick-up the same.

After receiving the reminder, you can visit the locker location and collect your parcel at your convenient time. The usual time-frame to pick a parcel is three days.

6. Are these lockers completely secured from identity theft or vandalism?
Smartbox is absolutely safe and secure. Your parcel can only be accessible by using the registered mobile number and OTP. All the delivery terminals are under 24*7 surveillance by a central data centre. In addition, every transaction while parcel drop-off by courier or pick-up by customers is captured by a surveillance system.

7. Will I have to pay anything for an automated parcel locker service?
No. You don’t have to pay anything from your pocket. The locker service is free for consumers, and primarily designed for their convenience. You just need to select a locker delivery location while shopping online, and that’s it. No frills, no additional cost.

Hope these FAQs have given you some key insights into how an automated parcel locker service works. For more info, you can drop an email at info@smartbox.in or call us at +91-8882-760-760, and we will be glad to assist you.


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