5 Features of Automated Parcel Lockers

5 Features of Automated Parcel Lockers

“Automated parcel lockers,” “Click & Collect,” “Intelligent Lockers.”

These terms have been doing rounds since the locker systems were integrated with the retail supply chain in Europe and North America, and were an instant hit. Our earlier posts primarily revolved around the most prominent features and advantages of using these lockers. The focus areas of this post will be the key components, system features, specifications of parcel lockers and the technology behind them.

The listed system configurations and features are based on the range of products available in the market. E-commerce and omnichannels that are thinking to integrate parcel lockers to improve supply chain efficiency; you can pick a suitable locker system based on the mentioned specifications.

The Technology of the Future
Automated parcel lockers are made with futuristic technology keeping in mind the significance of having robust exteriors and upgraded internal systems. The lockers are constructed using corrosion-resistant steel, and the kiosk is run by a Windows operating system. This advanced and innovative combination of hardware and software pack a punch!

Here are the five features and specifications.

Parcel locker systems use advanced and sophisticated software to power the touch screen kiosk.

Barcode Scanner
A barcode scanner enables convenient access for courier personnel to scan parcels.

RFID Reader/Key pad
Package recipients scan the barcode in the parcel or put pass code to access the lockers.

System features
•Interconnected locker network
•Installed locker terminals
•Centralised management of locker network
•Corrosion resistant
•Advanced software for terminals as well as backend management
•Integrated with retailer website for registration and payment
•Server authentication
•Efficiently run scheduling, locker loading, and returns
•24×7 terminal surveillance
•Convenient Card Swipe on Delivery (CSoD) payment gateway

2.Security Features

Durable steel locker doors
•Prevent damage to the system
•Rugged / Vandal Proof
•Mitigate the risk of theft

24/7 Camera Surveillance
•Records all the activities at the kiosk

Delivery Carrier
•Log in access provides additional protection

Unique Pass Codes
•Provide customers complete security and the peace of mind


•Industrial PC
•15” touch screen. Also, 7” and 10.4” are available.
•Barcode scanner
•Card reader
•SMS module

Locker Module
•Robust metal cabinet
•Different variants of door quantities
•SMS module

Hardware Option
•Card reader
•LCD display

Working Voltage
•100 to 240V, 50/60Hz

4.Standard Extension Locker Options

Door Qty
•14 doors
•16 doors
•18 doors
•32 doors

There are even 34 door parcel lockers that help in higher volumes of package delivery at once.

5.Overall Dimension
Height: 1916; Width: 1000; Depth: 485 mm

How a Parcel Locker Works?

a) How to deliver a parcel to a locker

1.The delivery personnel log in
2.Scan the parcel barcode
3.Enter receiver’s cell phone number
4.Select a locker size
5.Place the parcel and close the locker door
6.A message goes out to the receiver about the delivery.

b) How a customer can collect a parcel

1.Customer receives an SMS or email.
2.Visits the chosen parcel locker terminal, puts in cell phone number
3.Enters the one-time passcode (OTP) mentioned in the SMS
4.Collects the parcel and close the locker door

Customers usually get 2-3 days window to collect their package. For example, Smartbox, a leading automated parcel locker service provider in India provides 3-day time frame during which customers can pick their parcel. The process of returning is also similar where a customer, first needs to select the return option on the retailer’s website, keep original label in the package along with the barcode, scan the label, and place the package into the designated locker.

The Way Forward
If your retail business is facing the ominous challenges of below par supply chain efficiency and the ‘last mile’ woes, Smartbox can help you streamline the entire delivery process. Check the specifications and features listed in this post to determine business suitability. Get in touch with us to get comprehensive retail delivery solutions. For detailed information, just reach out to us at 8882-760-760, and we would be delighted to assist you. You can also navigate the home page of our website https://smartbox.in/ to know more.


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