4 Ways Smart Package Lockers Simplify Life in Cities

Smart lockers are at the revolutionary forefront of last mile package delivery automation. The growth of e-commerce has rendered the last-mile supply chain as the veins of continually expanding economy. 

Click-to-collect lockers are becoming a norm for retailers in favor of enhanced customer experience and lesser costs. For residents, smart locker systems provide hassle-free 24×7 package access and protection from rampant porch piracy. 

Though, in a broader context, how do smart lockers simplify life in cities for us? 

Let us find out how these brilliantly engineered IoT systems like Smartbox make life a convenient affair in urban hotspots. 


#1. Enjoy Quicker Deliveries 

On average, it takes up to 20 minutes for a delivery agent to ship 4 packages to the designated addresses. With Smartbox digital parcel lockers, for instance, this time is reduced to just 15-seconds per package – a massive time-saving for logistics partners.  

With this much shorter and more efficient timeframe, they can ship more packages within the 50-minute window. That means faster same-day deliveries for customers, and more volumetric push for shipping partners.  

Moreover, smart locker systems enable retailers and logistics agents to achieve the 99% first-time successful delivery rate.  

Click-to-collect lockers can truly do wonders for daily urban living! 


#2. Greener Package Deliveries 

No matter what the industry, increasing carbon footprint is a global challenge. At the behest of sustainable development, smart cities are being founded upon the idea of ecofriendly tech, and green solutions. 

Smart locker systems like Smartbox, promote a greener world in more than one way.   

Primarily, digital parcel lockers directly cut-down backorders and consequentially 2-way vehicle trips. Since 99% of the parcels are shipped successfully at the first attempt, logistics companies can save on return trip fuel costs.  

Secondly, a clustered network of smart lockers within the given locality means shorter circuit run for delivery agents. Shorter circuit runs can compensate for many supply-chain inefficiencies of the logistics ecosystem. 

You can read more about smart lockers and their green impact here. 


#3. Safer, More Secure Packages 

Okay, security of packages, and safety while transacting packages are two factors that can’t be overlooked.  

IoT-based smart locker solutions help make city life easier, particularly with everyday online shopping. 

How, you ask? 

Well firstly, rising porch piracy is globally a billion-dollar problem. Unattended parcels lying in the lobbies and doorsteps are constantly under the watch of prying eyes. Multifamily residences and apartment complexes are hot targets for lobby looters.  

Smart lockers give your packages a 360-degree secure package management and protection. All the parcels are secured in tamper-proof compartments. The entire locker system is under CCTV surveillance, and there is an alarm system to deter any daredevils from flying away with your valuable package.  

On another note, smart lockers are fully contactless. They offer a pandemic-safe way to deliver, store, and even return goods 365 days a year.  


#4. Tourist Luggage Problem Simplified! 

Have you ever visited a new city to explore its wonders, but once you arrived at the airport or railway station, heavy luggage bore you down? If the experience sounds familiar, then you will surely love smart lockers as a city-wide tourist luggage concierge service.  

Any locality with a network of smart public lockers can offer a seamless luggage storage experience to visitors and tourists. Imagine being able to secure your rug sacks, suitcases, duffle bags, and other items securely in a locker, explore the city, and come back later to the locker to retrieve your bags and move on.  

Think of smart lockers as an on-demand cloakroom service, but with much more enhanced security, 24×7 availability, and cloud-based self-service controls.  

If your city is a tourist hotspot, people with love an accessible network of smart lockers!


In a Nutshell

Benefits of Smartbox Package Lockers in Cities

Upgrade Package Experience for Citizens 

Smartbox’s proven deployment across multiple city hotspots globally proves one thing – it is built for the ultimate package convenience.  

If you’d like to watch Smartbox live in action, you can book a demo. You can also get a quote for our smart locker system with custom requirements. We’d be happy to handle the entire project for you and become a vested OEM partner.  

Try us out and stay tuned! 

Paras Sachan

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