Smartbox is a global provider of smart locker technology. Our platform provides a wide range of smart locker applications that can be deployed in diverse industry verticals. Our technology offers secure, efficient, accountable, convenient package delivery and auditable asset storage while giving users 24/7 access to lockers and the ability to track deliveries remotely.

Smartbox is a pioneer in bringing the smart locker technology to the Indian market. Our proprietary technology powers our own network in India and gives us a unique first-hand experience of how to build, manage and maintain a successful & efficient smart locker network.

Smartbox helps create the highest possible value for your customers and your business. Our feature-rich, scalable and hardware agnostic platform provides the most dynamic solution for automated Click & Collect, Package Management & Mailroom Automation.

Industry verticals that we service range from retail, e-tail, logistics, postal, multi-family housing apartments and commercial entities.



Smartbox technology provides smart locker applications for industry verticals ranging from retail, e-tail, logistics, postal, multifamily housing apartments and, commercial entities.

Our feature-rich software follows scalable architecture that allows our solution to adapt to changing business dynamics and requirements across industries making it the most dynamic solution for automated Click & Collect, Package Management & Mailroom Automation.

While we offer a holistic solution, our software is agnostic and can run on any hardware platform that you choose. Smartbox enterprise solution provides various endpoints to create seamless integrations with existing applications. Our team of experts will provide you end-to-end guidance for a cost-effective and timely implementation of a smart locker project.

Smart locker technology can help you build a robust network of integrated delivery terminals for various applications that need a fast and efficient exchange of physical goods between the sender and the recipient.